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It focuses on identifying key features of classroom dialogue using a teacher-friendly version of the Scheme for Dialogue Analysis SEDA derived from British Academy funded research with Mexican collaborators. It has also been used by practising teachers beyond the team in a range of schools in different countries, across age groups and subject areas.

This ongoing trialling has generated useful feedback which continues to improve the pack. A summary of the pack contents is as follows:. Project activities to cascade impact and dissemination will include introductory impact workshops, remote support for professional development, and further engagement with a wider audience of practitioners. While our previous research has confirmed the value of working with teachers as research participants and co-researcher colleagues, we now aim to engage in wider capacity building in schools.

This impact project relates to the current public policy push for teacher inquiry. We are currently looking for teachers, lecturers and school leaders from any country, any age group and any subject to take part in our ongoing research with T-SEDA.

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No prior knowledge needed. You can use T-SEDA in order to address your own inquiry questions, adjusting it to your available time and resources. This may include a short survey. For local teachers we may be able come and video your lessons before and after using T-SEDA as we want to build up a resource bank of video examples for general use. To register your interest please email us t-seda educ.

Our first formal trial has now finished and we will soon be reporting on its findings. But you are welcome to download the latest version of the T-SEDA resources, by clicking the links above. We would welcome feedback from your work with T-SEDA so please complete a short feedback form and send it to us using the email address below.

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