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Fractal art is beautiful to humans because we are fractal beings with fractal brains living on a fractal plane of existence!! Enjoy these fractals for backgrounds, wallpapers, projects, or just to look at! Looking at fractals will expand your mind!!


Accessing the fractal dimension of free clusters in supersonic beams

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We accept all major credit cards from Finland. The neglecting of this complexity can be ascribed to the difficulty of morphological characterization at a sub-nanometric scale. Main results. In this paper we present an experimental approach for a quantitative morphological characterization of free, isolated clusters accelerated in a supersonic beam.

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The method is based on the same concepts of mobility measurements, with the advantage of working with neutral particles: the fractal dimension of the particles described as random fractal-like objects is inferred from the relationship between particle mass and its velocity.

The results demonstrate that, under suitable growth conditions, metal clusters in the size-range of a few hundreds of atoms can exhibit a complex fractal-like morphology. Wider implications.

We believe that this technique represents a powerful tool to inspect the morphology of free ultra-fine nanoparticles, thus providing access to real-time feedback for the improvement of gas-phase particle formation and manipulation processes, as well as for the development of nanoparticle growth and transport models. Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S. Session cookies created by the Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.

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